Historic Brass Journal - Volume 12 - 2000

Historic Brass Journal - Volume 12 - Cover

Table of Contents, Personnel, Editor's Message, President's Message, Membership Form, Christopher Monk Award, Organology: A Position Paper (Arnold Myers)  
Outstanding Trumpets, Trombones, and Horns in the Musical Instrument Collection of the Historical Museum, Basel Sabine K. Klaus
Horns and Trumpets in Byzantium: Images and Texts Alfred Büchler
The African American Contribution to the Cornet of the Nineteenth Century: Some Long-Lost Names Richard L. Schwartz
Abt Vogler on the Horn Parts in Peter Winter's Symphony in d Minor (1778): A View from Within the Mannheim Orchestra Daniel Heartz
Waldhorn and Song in the Open Air, 1750-1830 Walter Salmen, translated by Howard Weiner
Laßt Lustig Die Hörner Erschallen: Resolutions to Two Problems in Horn Performance of the Late Eighteenth Century Bertil van Boer
The Role of the Trombone and its Affekt in the Lutheran Church Music of Seventeenth-Century Saxony and Thuringia: the Mid- And Late Seventeenth Century Charlotte A. Leonard
Giovanni Cellini, Piffero of Florence Timothy J. McGee
Epilogue: Trombones, Trumpets, and Cornetti in Florence c1500 Keith Polk
Theories of Tuning and Ensemble Practice in Italian Dramatic Music of the Early Baroque, or Oh Where, Oh Where Have the Wind Instruments Gone? David M. Guion
A Bibliography of Writings about Historic Brass Instruments, 1999-2000 Compiled by David Lasocki
The Sad but Musical End of Trumpeter Carsten Mistleff, or Hard Times in Stockholm in the 1590s Ardis Grosjean
Sensation or Forgery? The 1677 Soprano Trombone of Cristian Kofahl Lars Laubhold, Translated by Howard Weiner
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