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HBSN 12.001 Abstract

General Information

Title: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Source: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Issue 12 (1999, Summer)
(table of contents)
Year of Publication: 1999, Summer
ISSN: None
Author(s): Multiple


HBS Financial Report Charlotte Leonard 2
Early Brass on the Map, an Interview with Robert King, Paul McCreesh and Andrew Parrott Susan Smith 3
Cornetto and Serpent Makers Worldwide Jeffrey Nussbaum 10
Public Defender Number One for Serpent: An Interview with Douglas Yeo Trevor Herbert and Jeffrey Nussbaum 13
Letters to the Editor   17
Classified Ads   17
An Interview with Hornist Raul Diaz Alessandro Zaro 18
Historic Brass Instrument Days -- An International Symposium   22
A Symposium on Historic Brass Instruments in Limoges Edward H. Tarr 32
German Fanfarenzuege In Former Times and Now Karl Muenter with Bob Goodman 33
Recording Reviews   35
Music Edition Reviews   44
Book reviews   44
News of the Field   45
Brass Publications   61
Fifteenth Annual Early Brass Festival   66
HBS Membership Directory   67






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