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HBSN 15.001 Abstract

General Information

Title: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Source: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Issue 15 (2002)
(table of contents)
Pages: 67
Year of Publication: 2002
ISSN: None
Author(s): Multiple


President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum 1
HBS Financial Report Charlotte Leonard 2
An Interview with Jeremy Montagu Bradley Strauchen-Scherer 3
17th Annual HBS Early Brass Festival Jeffrey Nussbaum 6
A Brief Discussion on Cornetto Making with Serge Delmas Marie Garnier-Marzullo 10
An Approach to Playing the 2nd Brandenburg Concerto Toshio Shimada 12
New Facts About Cornetto Playing in 17th-Century Central America Arno Paduch 13
A Checklist of Recent Early Brass Related Recordings Dave Baum 14
Edward H. Tarr Celebrates His 65th Birthday Vera Horven 17
"I Was Born Under A Wand'ring Shofar" Malcom Miller 23
An Interview with Esa Fagerholm, Finnish Sackbut Player Michael Holmes 23
Classified Ads/Letters to the Editor   25
Douglas Yeo Serpent Activities   26
Historic Brass Sessions at the 2002 IMS Meeting   28
Book Reviews   30
Music Edition Reviews   33
Recording Reviews   34
News of the Field   45
Fun 'n Games   51
Necrologies   55
2002 Historic Brass Society Member Directory   57






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