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HBSN 18.001 Abstract

General Information

Title: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Source: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Issue 18 (2005)
(table of contents)
Pages: 72
Year of Publication: 2005
ISSN: None
Author(s): Multiple


HBS Financial Report 2004 John Benoit 2
President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum 3
From the Editor Michael O'Connor 3
An Interview with Trumpeter and Embouchure Instructor Robert (BAHB) Civiletti Jeffrey Nussbaum 4
21st Annual HBS Early Brass Festival at Yale University Jeffrey Nussbaum and Michael O'Connor 7
Early Jazz Brass Conference   12
Seventh Maryland Early Brass Festival Dave Baum 17
Some Experience and Reflections on Playing the Baroque Trumpet Jean-Francois Madeuf and Graham Nicholson 18
Book Reviews   22
Music Edition Reviews   24
Recording Reviews   32
News of the Field   37
Necrologies, Frederick Fennell   49
Back Issues   52
HBS 2006 Membership Form   57
Advertising   61






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