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HBSN 02.001 Abstract

General Information

Title: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Source: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Issue 2 (1990)
(table of contents)
Pages: 20
Year of Publication: 1990
ISSN: None
Author(s): Multiple


President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum 1
Editor's Message Chris Whitehead 2
1989 Financial Report   2
News of the Field Jeffrey Nussbaum 3
Stalking the Valveless Trumpet Fred Holmgren 5
Basel Symposium on Natural Trumpet and Horn Edward Tarr 8
Basel Symposium on Natural Trumpet and Horn Crispian Steele-Perkins 11
Second Keyed Brass Conference Ralph Dudgeon 12
Early Brass Festival   13
First International Serpent Festival Craig Kridel 14
Book, Recording and Music Reviews Multiple Authors 15






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