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HBSN 09.001 Abstract

General Information

Title: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Source: Historic Brass Society Newsletter
Issue 9 (1996, Summer)
(table of contents)
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 1996, Summer
ISSN: None
Author(s): Multiple


President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum 1
HBS Financial Report   2
Historic Brass Society Hosts International Historic Brass Symposium Jeffrey Nussbaum 3
So How Many Holes Is a Baroque Trumpet Supposed to Have? Tim Collins 11
1996 Survey of Natural Trumpet Makers Fred Holmgren 15
Classified Section   19
No Hot Air Here Bob Rieder 20
A Cacophony of Cornettists Susan Smith 26
A Conversation with John Wallace and Trevor Herbert Ralph Dudgeon 33
Grand Concert! A New Exhibition on New Hampshire Town Bands Richard C. Spicer 37
The First International Altenburg Competition Anne Hardin 41
Recording Reviews   44
Music Edition Reviews   60
Book Reviews   63
News of the Field   65
Letters to the Editor   75
Twelfth Annual Early Brass Festival   78






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