2007 News Archive

Bach (Trumpets) on YouTube

There has been a flurry of Bach performances by a number of period instrument ensembles on YouTube including some beautiful baroque trumpet playing.

Historic Trumpet (Cornet) Competition

The 2008 Historic Trumpet Division of the National Trumpet Competition (13-16 March 2008) will expand to include 19th-century instruments. The baroque trumpet competition will be divided into 2 age categories for trumpet with fingerholes, 1 for natural trumpet without fingerholes. The new category is a competition for players of the keyed bugle, cornet, or saxhorn. Except for the youth division of the baroque trumpet category, no age limits are in place and musicians of all nationalities may enter. For rules click here.

National Civil War Field Music School

The National Association for Civil War Brass Music will present a school on the essentials of military field music of the U.S. Civil War (1861-65) at Pamplin Historical Park, near the city of Petersburg, VA from 13–15 June 2008. Participants will experience period-style training in the art of bugling, drumming, and fife playing from experts in the field in a historical setting. The director of the school is Jari Villanueva, a noted expert on field music and director of the Federal City Brass Band and 26th NC Regimental Band (recreated). Other faculty include Bill Bynum, Tim Ertel, Jeb Hague, Doug Hedwig, Joe Korber, David Loyal, Jason Maines, George Rabbai, Stephen Southard, and Chuck Woodhead. The school will provide instruction in novice, intermediate, and advanced levels for participants aged 11 and older. The weekend will be ordered by field music and military drill of the era and will culminate in a public dress parade. For more information and registration forms, go to http://www.nationalcivilwarfieldmusicschool.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Results of Historic Division - 2007 NTC

Judges: Niklaus Eklund, chair
Barry Bauguess, Nationally recognized Baroque Trumpet Artist
Ray Burkhart, Claremont Graduate University
Robert Civiletti, Baroque Trumpet Artist
Dr. Thomas Huener, Eastern Carolina University
Dr. Elisa Koehler, Goucher College
Dr. Stanley Curtis, U. S. Navy Band, George Mason University

Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Award: Kentucky Baroque Trumpets [photo]

Fray Antoni Martín I Coll Award (named in honor of the prolific Catalan trumpet composer-monk, this award is offered as a new solo category not allowing the use of finger holes):

  • 1st Prize: Baroque trumpet made by Francisco Pérez of Alicante, Spain awarded to Nathaniel Cox
  • 2nd Prizes: Free Tuition to the International Natural Trumpet Making Workshop held from June 25-29 in Rostock, Germany or from July 30-August 3 in Bloomington, Indiana, and taught by Robert Barclay, Richard Seraphinoff, and Michael Munkwitz. Also offered is one week's tuition to the Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin Conservatory. TIE: Chris Campbell (will be offered the Int. Trumpet Making Workshop)
    Justin Bland (will be offered the tuition at the Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin)

Shore Award (solo category up to age 18)
1st Prize: A $200 gift certificate from The Baroque Trumpet Shop awarded to Dominic Favia

Fantini Award (ages 19 to 28)

  • 1st Prize: A $300 gift certificate from The Baroque Trumpet Shop awarded to David Wharton
  • 2nd Prize: The Bendinelli Award, a $100 anonymous cash gift, awarded to Don Johnson III.

Reiche Award (ages 29 and up)
1st Prize: The Naumann Award For Artistry of a Naumann Baroque Trumpet awarded to Nicholas Althouse

New Website for Crispian Steele-Perkins

Members are welcome to download free photos and sound clips of antique trumpets from the collection of baroque trumpeter Christian Steele-Perkins on his new website: www.CrispianSteele-Perkins.co.uk

Baroque Trumpets on YouTube

We have received notice of a number of videos of baroque trumpet playing available on the YouTube video site.

1. A Young Friedemann Immer performs the 3rd Mvmt of the Brandenburg no. 2 at

2. Baroque trumpets playing the Biber Sonata Sancti Polycarpi at

3. Crispian Steele-Perkins playing Handel's The Trumpet Shall Sound at

Boston Symphony Orchestra Trombone Quartet Recordings

Doug Yeo has created a new web article about the BSO Trombone Quartet and their 1906 Victor recordings with images and mp3 sound files of some of the recordings. www.yeodoug.com/articles/1906/1906.html

Kaiser Serpents

Kaiser Serpents are hand made, rendered in fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin in the key of C. They feature tapered brass bocals, brass receivers, hand turned mouthpieces. The bell rings and finger rings are made from various woods such as American Walnut and African Blackwood. Each serpent is carefully molded in two halves then bonded together with the same epoxy that reinforces the cloth. The entire instrument would then be covered with two additional coats of epoxy. The epoxy resin is infused with pure carbon to give it a deep black color. The exterior is then lightly sanded and sprayed with a high tech textured paint that is made specifically for bonding to composites. The resulting instrument is extremely strong and should last several lifetimes. Because of the molding process, the bore of the instrument is inherently true and smooth. At a distance of a few feet this instrument resembles a period-produced instrument. At this time Kaiser Serpents are selling instruments on EBay with prices ranging from U.S.$400.00 to 500.00. There is also a waiting / notification list that we alert when there is another finished instrument. If you have any questions or comments or want to see pictures please visit the Kaiser Serpent website: kaiserserpents.com

North American Sackbut Maker

Mike Corrigan has begun to create sackbuts in the Kansas City area. Michael Holmes (Washington Cornett & Sackbutt Ensemble) has offered praise for Corrigan's Schnitzer copy. For more information see the impressive website at bachorndoctor.com/custom.html and click on "sackbuts". Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: (913) 390-1776.

Call for Nominations (IGEB)

Thelen Prize 2008 IGEB (International Society for the Investigation and Promotion of Wind Music) issues a call for nominations for the 2008 Thelen Prize for dissertations in the field of wind music research. Anyone with a dissertation accepted from 1999 to the present is eligible to participate. The deadline for nominations is December 19, 2007. All dissertations in the field of wind music research, in any language, from any country, worldwide are eligible for consideration. The Prize consists of a certificate, the presentation of a paper at the IGEB conference 2008 in Echternach, Luxemburg, and publication in IGEB's Reprints and Manuscripts series or in the Alta Musica series. Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations should include the following: one paper copy; digital file [pdf format]; curriculum vita
NOTE: deadline December 19, 2007
Send to: IGEB c/o. Doris Schweinzer Leonhardstrasse 15 A-8010 Graz Austria Raoul Camus