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  • The research team project “Our music, our world: Musical associations, wind bands, and local communities (1880-2018)” is pleased to invite submissions of proposals for the International conference Our music, our world: wind bands and local social life, to be held in Aveiro, at the Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro, from the 10th to 12th of October 2019. The proposal deadline is March 30, 2019. Details on the conference and submission process are available on the conference website:

  • Vic Hobson just did an interview with Jazz on the Tube about his latest book on Louis Armstrong that many members might be interested in (it also mentions our upcoming conference on Jazz in the early 20th century!).

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Brass Instruments which has been described as the most important publication on brass instruments since 1976 (Anthony Baines's Brass Instruments) has now been published in hardback.

    The 600 page book is edited by Trevor Herbert, Arnold Myers and John Wallace.

    Thirty-two experts from fifteen countries join three of the world’s leading authorities on the design, manufacture, performance and history of brass musical instruments in this first major encyclopedia on the subject. It includes over 100 illustrations, and gives attention to every known brass instrument which has been regularly used, with information about the way they are played, the uses to which they have been put and the importance they have had in classical music, sacred rituals, popular music, jazz, brass bands and the bands of the military. There are specialist entries covering every inhabited region of the globe and essays on the methods that experts have used to study and understand brass instruments. The encyclopedia spans the entire period from antiquity to modern times, with new and unfamiliar material that takes advantage of the latest research. From Abblasen to Zorzi Trombetta da Modon, this is the definitive guide for students, academics, musicians and music lovers.

    Members of the Historic Brass Society can buy a copy at a discounted price from, by using the special coupon code of HBS2018CEBI at the checkout. This will provide a saving of more than 15% off the normal RRP.

    The Wallace Collection Shop

  • In order to finalize a study that will be released in April 2019, on the first Périnet-valves cornets (1838-1860), Christian and Maxime Chagot are looking for:
    - Any Périnet-three-valves cornet (screw or screwless) that looks like a cornopean (see photo).
    - Any Halari (or Halary) brass that has a number on its bell.
    - Any brass that has cocks engraved on the Périnet-valves (see photo).
    - Someone who has the Halary catalog of 1858 or a copy.
    If you have any of this information, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    . Thanks so much for your assistance!
    Périnet valves cornetcock