New Interview Posted

6/29 - We've just posted our latest on-line exclusive: A Conversation about Instrument Collecting, Performance and Other Musical  Interests with Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Frank Hosticka, Josh Landress, and Scott Robinson. Click here for the interview.

Early Brass Mouthpiece Maker

6/29 - Cornetto player Sam Goble is making early brass mouthpieces including cornetto, natural trumpet, serpent, ophicliede, and sackbut:

Cornetto Maker

6/29 - Andrew Hallock of the Netherlands is making a wide range of beautiful cornetti including A=440 and A=465 cornetts, mute cornetts, and tenors. See

Gunther Schuller (1925-2015)

6/22 - It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Gunther Schuller, a great musician, composer, and musicologist who was also the 2005 HBS Monk awardee. Many of our members will no doubt remember his presentations at past HBS conferences. A news story from NPR on his life can be read (and heard) by clicking here.

HBS Early Brass Festival 2015 Information

The HBS  Early Brass Festival will be held at Oberlin College, July 10-12, 2015.

Housing and Registration (different this year!)

EBF registration, dorm room charges, and meal plan charges need to be made in advance. All checks should be payable to: Historic Brass Society and sent to: HBS, 148 West 23rd Street #5F, New York, NY 10011 USA.

Dorm rooms in the Harvey/Kade Halls are $32 per night. Note, No A/C, lines included. Fan rental available for the weekend, $10 deposit ($5 return upon return of fan).
Meal Plan: Breakfast $6.90; Lunch  $9.40; Dinner  $11:55.

EBF Registration for paid HBS members: $40
HBS Membership $35

Call for Papers: European Music Archaeology Project

The Historic Brass Society has been invited to give three sessions on Friday, November 13, 2015,  the penultimate day of a four day conference in Viterbo, Italy. The conference more generally is the finale of a European wide project in the Ancient Brass Project segment of EMAP a project devoted to musical archaeology. Further on the conference see:

It may be helpful to think of the HBS sessions as a colloquium within the conference that is both complementary to and integrated with it. Proposals for presentations should address one or both of two broad topics: 1) Brass musical instruments in antiquity. 2) Transitions and interpretations of brass instruments between antiquity and post-antiquity eras. These may include apparent references to instruments between antiquity and the middle ages and renaissance, and the interpretations of brass instruments of antiquity in later times.These themes may be interpreted freely and approached from the perspective of iconography, organology or any other branch of musical and cultural history. The term "brass instruments" should be taken to mean lip vibrated instrument.

Proposals should be of no more than 300 words in length. They should contain a brief outline of content and the perspective/s from which it will be addressed (iconography, historical musicology, organology etc). The proposals should be for a paper of 20 or 30 minutes (excluding discussions) and the length of paper that is proposed should be mentioned in the proposal.

Proposals should be sent to  to arrive no later than June 16 2015. The conclusions of the program committee will be communicated by 1 July 2015. Presenters will have the conference fees waived for the entire four day conference.

Natural Trumpet Class in Switzerland, August 2015

3/24 - Mike Diprose will be leading a "risk free" natural trumpet class (no vent holes) in Switzerland this August. Details are available by following this link.

2015 Monk Awardee - Wim Becu


3/10 - The HBS is pleased to announce that the 2015 recipient of the Christopher Monk Award is to be the trombonist Wim Becu. The selection committee recognized the contribution that Becu has made to further the aims of the Society though his period instrument performances and recordings in a wide range of repertoires. More information about Wim Becu’s work can be found at and


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