Historic Brass Journal - Volume 2 - 1990

HBJ 1990 Cover

Title Author(s) DOI
Bach, Reiche, and the Leipzig Collegia Musica Don Smithers  
Trombone Obligatos in Viennese Oratorios of the Baroque Stewart Carter  
A Brief Overview of Musical Ensembles with Brass Instruments in European Festivals of State Edmund A. Bowles  
Antique Trumpet Mutes Jindrich Keller (translation)  
Antique Trumpet Mutes: A Retrospective Commentary Don Smithers  
Keyed Bugle Method Books:Documents of Transition in 19th Century Brass Instrument Performance Practice and Asthetics Ralph Dudgeon  
The Mid-19th Century Brass Band - A Rebirth Jon Borowicz  
In Defense of the Serpent Philip Palmer  
New Symbols for Hand Positions in the Bell for Natural Horn Francis Orval  
A Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments, 1988-89 David Lasocki  
Correspondence Regular Feature  
News of the Field Regular Feature  
President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum  
Advertising Advertising  
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