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  • montaguJeremy Peter Samuel Montagu (1927-2020), one of the foremost authorities on musical instruments of our time, has died peacefully surrounded by family following a short period of illness. Like the extensive collection of musical instruments and the library that he amassed in his Oxford home, Montagu’s multifaceted career as a scholar, author, musician, and curator was notable for its global purview and interdisciplinary breadth.

  • For those interested in viewing some of our recent activities (concerts, conferences, etc.) we've started placing videos on Youtube. The first videos are from the recent James Reese Europe conference. We've got a page (listed under "features" and "additional content" on the menu) on our website by clicking here. The videos are on our new Youtube channel too, so you can subscribe or view them by clicking this link.

  • John and the Wallace Collection, in conjunction with St. Andrews University, are hosting a FREE online Brass Camp for students of all levels and ages, anywhere in the world on 3 Saturdays July 11, 18 & 25. 2pm BST (9am EDT). It includes historical information sessions with Arnold Myers and Peter Holmes, as well as playing sessions leading to a final virtual concert.
    More details and registration at:
  • Vienna Talk 2020, at which the HBS was scheduled to present a special lecture session, has been postponed due to coronavirus. Originally planned for September 2020, organizers are tentatively planning on moving it to September 2022. For further information and updates visit