About the HBS In Your Language

The Historic Brass Society (HBS) is the international community of professional and amateur players, researchers, instrument makers and enthusiasts of historical brass instruments.

The interests of the HBS encompass the entire range of early brass music, literature and historical performance practice, from antiquity through the present, including the natural trumpet, natural horn, early trombone, cornetto, serpent, keyed bugle, keyed trumpet, early valve horn, 19th-century brass instruments and the development of jazz.

The HBS publishes the scholarly, refereed journal, the Historic Brass Society Journal, and articles and reviews in its multilingual newsletter Historic Brass Today as well as news, articles, videos and other content on its website and other online channels.

The HBS also conducts brass symposia and supports special study sessions in collaboration with other organizations. It maintains a student support fund which assists young people in attending events.

The HBS has established the Christopher Monk Award, an annual award presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to the scholarship of early brass music.

Become a member: Students and Seniors $35, regular individual membership $42, three-year individual membership special for $110. Institutions can subscribe to the HBS Journal for $42 as well. To become a member, click here. For questions, contact our membership department by clicking here.

Please consider Volunteering! This is a community-led and community-run organization and it works best for you and the rest of the community when your voice is heard and a little time is invested by many members. HBS leadership roles are always needed, including positions on committees. Contact Membership for more information.

Fact Sheets on the HBS In Your Language!

Here is more information about the HBS in multiple languages (more to come) to introduce you, your friends, colleagues and students to the Historic Brass Society, its goals, activities and the many benefits of belonging to the HBS.