HBS Personnel Archive - Membership Year 2021

HBS Personnel Archive: Membership Year 2021

Below is the personel list for membership year 2021 which has been superceded by the 2021 elections for the 2022 membership year.


HBS Executive Committee

Jeffrey Nussbaum, President
Stanley Curtis, Vice President
Alexander Bonus, Treasurer
Joanna Hersey, Secretary
Steven Lundahl, Technical Director

HBS Board of Directors

Alexander Bonus, Treasurer
Stanley Curtis, Vice President
Jason Dovel (Through 2022)
Joanna Hersey, Secretary
Steven Lundahl (Through 2021)
Arnold Myers (Through 2021)
Jeffrey Nussbaum, President
Anneke Scott (2021-2023)
Adrian von Steiger (2021-2023)
Bradley Strauchen (Through 2022)

* The changes to the By-Laws as adopted in November 2020 states that Directors serve a 3-year term and may stand for relection for one additional term. Directors marked as "Through 2021/2022" were directors prior to this change and in 2021, the Nominating Committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors will determine a schedule for the existing "TBD" directors terms to expire and whether they are eligible for running for one additional consecutive term so that there is a balance of continual turnover plus stability in experience of Board membership. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are also members of the Board. (See the By-Laws for more details on the structure and governing procedures of the Historic Brass Society.)

HBS Editorial Staff

Stewart Carter, Executive Editor
Howard Weiner, co-editor of HBS Journal
Benny Sluchin, Production Editor
Jeffrey Nussbaum, Managing Editor
Jack Adler-McKean, Web Content Editor
Audrey C. Manganaro, Social Media Editor

Editorial Board

Stewart Carter
Trevor Herbert
Kenneth Kreitner
Arnold Myers
Janet Page
Steven Plank
Howard Weiner


Nick Harvey, Associate Web Administrator and Developer