Le Concert Brise: Cantatas and Sonatas by Buxtehude

Dietrich Buxtehude: Cantatas Et Sonatas
Le Concert Brise: William Dongois, cornett and director; Dagmar Saskova, soprano; Christine Moran, violin; Stefan Legee, sackbut; Benjamin Parrot, theorbo; Katherine Bauml, dulcian; Karsten Lohff, harpsichord; Hadrian Jourdain, organ
Accent Records (2010), ACC 24240

A=415 Hz meantone 1/5 temperament

There is great diversity offered in the music of Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707) on this recording. The vocal works explore joy, pathos, penitence, longing and praise. The instrumental works explore many styles and a surprising variety in harmony and colors. All are performed with superb technique and polish. Of particular interest is the wide range of rhythms and styles employed in the instrumental responses to the vocal lines of Quemadmodum desiderat cervus (BuxWV 92). These are performed with a perfect mixture of joy, refinement and abandon and compliment the wonderful work of soprano Dagmar Saskova.

Throughout the recording, the work of Stefan Legee on sackbut must be commended. He demonstrates his facility over a great range with very agile technique and great refinement in phrasing. Indeed, he is a perfect match for cornettist William Dongois.
It is hard to know where to begin when describing the work of Dongois. His overall concept of the recording and interpretation and direction of each work results in performances which are both perfectly executed in a technical way, but also are full of charm and emotion. All phrases are shaped with care and refinement. There is great contrast in affects, tempi, dynamics, and articulation. The artistry of Dongois on the cornetto remains unquestioned. His mastery over the instrument is shown in both his wonderful technical virtuosity, but also in the warmth of his sound and expression. Of particular note is his performance on the cornetto muto in “Muss der Tod den auch entbinden.” Words are not equal to the haunting beauty which he creates.

This is a recording which must be heard. The music has much to offer. One never tires of it with repeated hearings. Le Concert Brise under William Dongois is fabulous in every way.

-- James Miller