New Wallace Collection Releases

The Wallace Collection, led by John Wallace, has recently released three new recordings: The Origin of the Species Revisited, 4 of the quintets by the 19C composer Jean-Francois Bellon played on period instruments; The Golden Age of the 19th Century Brass Virtuoso with John Wallace (on an 1862 Bayley Acoustic cornet) and Anthony George (playing a Gautrot ophicleide, ca. 1845) demonstrating the flair of 19th century instrumental showcase pieces; and The Wallace Collection On Song, with recording debuts for a collection of new contemporary works for brass ensemble and brass with voice.  Additionally, new editions of three pieces from The Golden Age. have also been published: John Hartmann's "The Watch on the Rhine", Alexander Owens' "Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye", and Handel's "O Ruddier Than the Cherry".  These editions and CDs are available for purchase through the ensemble's website (; the CDs are also available from, and other leading CD retailers. Streaming and digital purchases will be forthcoming in the new year.

John Wallace commented:  “During these extremely trying times it has been such a pleasure to release these new recordings, enabling this wonderful music (which was all recorded in the happier times of pre-pandemic restrictions) to be shared with everyone, and hopefully bringing a little brightness back into their day.  With no live performances being possible for so long, we felt it was really important to continue bringing new and interesting music into focus in whatever capacity was available to us."

To support the important role historic brass music has played throughout the years, The Wallace Collection has strived to recreate the sound world of a different era.  The group has been forensic in its quest for authenticity in presenting the period works on The Origin of the Species Revisited and The Golden Age of the 19th Century Brass Virtuoso using 19th century instruments - a Broadwood grand piano dating back to 1844 held at the University of Glasgow, and original nineteenth-century brass instruments from the Webb Collection at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, as well as performing from copies of the original parts and scores.