Historic Brass Today - Issue 4 - Spring 2023


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Table of Contents

Title Author
Introducing Historic Brass Today Michael O'Connor, Stanley Curtis, Joanna Ross Hersey
The Enthusiast : A Column for the Historic Brass Enthusiast
 Susie Wilcox
Instrument Report: Chris Belluscio discusses A Unique Echo Bell Trumpet
 Chris Belluscio
Snapshots in Band History: Bands and the Chautauqua Movement
 Brian Proksch
 Archive Corner  Joanna Ross Hersey
Liston's Legacy: Making Music and Breaking Gender Norms in the Jazz World for over Fifty Years
Alexandra Zacharella
Interview: A Conversation with Performer and Collector Jeff Stockham
 Michael O'Connor
Schola Cantorum Basiliensis: Studientag Zink, 8-9 January 2023: A Symposium Report
 Helen Roberts
The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble turns 30: A Conversation with Gawain Glenton
 David Jarratt-Knock
Early Music Fora in the UK
 Keith Hitchcock, Sara Clymo
Instrument Museums: The Dorritie Bugle Museumn
 Richard García
 Peter Holmes
Winds of Change: Introducing "Aural Histories: Coventry 1451-1642"
 Helen Roberts, Jamie Savan
A Nineteenth-Century English Cornet Tutor: Discussed by Paul Nevins
 Paul Nevins
Anneke Scott's "Corno not Corona"
 Nathanael Udell
Contemporary Makers of Historical Trombones and Mouthpieces
 Nathaniel Wood and Mathias Wiedmann
Book Reviews:Musical Archaeology in Action Book 1:Horns and Trumpets of the European Iron Age
 Peter Holmes, John Humphries
Book Reviews: Visiting Mexican Bands 1876-1955
 Dan Vernhettes, Jimena Palacios
Review:Altissima: Works for High Baroque Trumpet: Josh Cohen, Baroque Trumpet, Ensemble Sprezzatura, Daniel Abraham
 David Jarratt-Knock
CD Review:Orgelpunkt: Trombone and Organ
Ryoto Akiyama


DOI: 10.2153/03.kme763