Natural, Baroque and Historic Trumpet Makers

Jeremy Sexton has compiled an updated directory of the makers of natural, Baroque, and historic trumpets. The summaries in the file below are intended to provide enough information for readers to get a good general sense of the products available from each maker; the descriptions are not meant to be exhaustive. The summaries are derived from the makers’ websites or information supplied by the makers themselves, and where possible they have been checked for accuracy and completeness by the makers. For the purposes of this document, “natural trumpet” refers specifically to an instrument that makes no use of tone holes for the correction of intonation, whereas “Baroque trumpet” refers to an instrument that does utilize such holes.Many of the makers of historic trumpets also produce sackbuts and other historic brass instruments, and many also make modern instruments. However, a fuller listing of makers of these other instruments is beyond the scope of this project, so I have only included information about natural, historic, and Baroque trumpets in this article.

The most recent Historic Brass Society directory of these makers was published in 2001, and much has changed since then. I apologize in advance, therefore, for any omissions, and I hope that readers will contact Jeff Nussbaum or me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to share any information about historic trumpet-makers that has escaped my attention.

I would like to thank John Foster, Friedemann Immer, Jean-Francois Madeuf, and Edward Tarr for their suggestions and comments.

HBS Trumpet Directory as compiled by Jeremy Sexton (last updated 8/17)