Historic Brass Journal - Volume 3 - 1991

HBJ 1991 Cover

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Editor's Message Chris Whitehead  
Christopher Monk: 1921-1991 The Purest Serpentist Clifford Bevan  
The Trumpet and the Unitas Fratrum Ernest H. Gross III  
A Bibliography of Writings about Historic Brass Instruments, 1989-1990 David Lasocki  
A Cornett Odyssey John McCann  
Brass Instrument Making in Berlin From The 17th to the 20th Century: A Survey Herbert Heyde  
Mozart's Very First Horn Concerto Herman Jeurissen  
Giovanni Martino Cesare and His Editors Howard Weiner  
The Lives of Hoftrompeter and Stadtpeifer as Portrayed in the Three Novels of Daniel Speer Henry Howey  
A Computational Model of the Baroque Trumpet and Mute Robert Pyle  
L'Accento: In Search of A Forgotten Ornament Bruce Dickey  
Brass Instrument Metal Working Techniques: The Bronze Age to the Industrial Revolution Geert Jan van der Heide  
Patronage and Innovation in Instrumental Music in the 15th Century Keith Polk  
Dauverné Method for Trumpet 1857 - A Complete Translation François Georges Auguste Dauverné
Gaetan Chenier trans.
President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum  
Correspondence Regular Feature  
News of the Field Regular Feature  
Guidelines for Contributors    
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