Historic Brass Journal - Volume 13 - 2001

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Table of Contents, Personnel, Editor's Message, President's Message, Membership Form, Christopher Monk Award, Announcement of Euro Acceptance Regular Features  
Methods of Organology and Proportions in Brass Wind Instrument Making Herber Heyde  
Benninck Meets Sander: A Comparison of Two Early Seventeenth-Century Instruments (Raquet and Martius) Markus Raquet and Klaus Martius  
Further Mandate Against the Unauthorized Playing of Trumpets (Dresden, 1736): Introduction and Translation Edward H. Tarr  
"Louis Licks" and Nineteenth-Century Cornet Etudes: The Roots of Melodic Improvisation as Seen in the Jazz Style of Louis Armstrong Peter Ecklund  
Horn and Trumpet as Topical Signifiers Raymond Monelle  
The Heyday of the Hand Horn and the Birth of the Valved Horn: A Study of the Nineteenth-Century Horn Technique as Revealed in the Solo Works for Horn by Carl Czerny Andrew Clark  
Roles for the Horn in Danzi's Trio in F Major, Op.23 Kristen S. Hansen  
The Soprano Trombone Hoax Howard Weiner  
Serpentists in Charles Wild's "Choir of the Cathedral of Amiens" (ca. 1826) Douglas Yeo  
Brass Instruments in Small Swedish Wind Ensembles During the Late Nineteenth Century Ann-Marie Nilsson  
Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments, 2000-2001 Compiled by David Lasocki  
Reviews and Addendum to Volume 12 Regular Features